Intimista Vibe® Magical Sex Tower


Intimista Vibe®

Magical Sex Tower

'Teamwork, makes the desire work'

  • Are you a couple looking for a sensual experience that you will enjoy again and again?
  • This adult erotic game brings both of you to a climax unlike anything you've experienced before!
  • Intimista Vibe® Magical Sex Tower is the new hit for 18+ that will bring back excitement and eroticism in your relationship.

This erotic game consists of a set of numbered wooden blocks that you will use to build a tower. The playing cards offer you a grand total of 216 sensual assignments that will surely get you aroused! Literally build to the ultimate climax and enjoy every exciting moment.

Not only do you build a tower out of blocks, Intimista Vibe® Magical Sex Tower also helps you build your relationship to new heights. Get to know each other more intimately, or discover hidden feelings you didn't know about before! The assignments are leading but never coercive, both partners are free to make choices without any form of pressure or restrictions. As you become more entranced by the game, you will learn new things about each other and the erotic tension will increase. Step out of the comfort zone together and enjoy all the beauty that is hidden off the beaten path.

magical sex tower review
Played several times and the challenge is enormous. It is exciting, challenging and fun to play. The suspense of what actions will come and whether you can keep the tower up is funny and there is a lot of variation. You can be creative with the rules and together there is enough to enjoy. Really a nice game.
Anonymous review on Bol.com
magical sex tower
  • The building blocks are coupled with a special action card.
  • The action cards challenge the player to explore their personal limits.
  • If you are willing, you can take a step further with the next assignment.
  • As the game progresses, the stack will become less stable.
  • Are you going to take that next step or would you rather start over?

Intimista Vibe® Magic Sex Tower is the number one sex game in the Benelux that has been developed from the ground up for a Dutch-speaking audience.

Main features:

  • Suitable for couples.
  • Entirely female friendly and exciting for men.
  • Boundary pushing assignments.
  • Sex is an option, never an obligation.
  • 3 unique game styles for optimal variation.
  • Discover yourself, discover each other.
  • Deepen the relationship in a playful manner.
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magical sex tower review
Nice game, meets expectations and there is a lot of variation. Therefore, it never gets boring. It is exciting, and we enjoy playing the game and the actions. Consideration has been given to both men and women, and yet it is female-friendly. Very nice!
Anonymous review on bol.com
Magoical sex tower
Magoical sex tower
  • 54 numbered wooden blocks
  • 6 playing cards
  • 2 special cards (these are expansion cards that will challenge you even more)
  • 216 game combinations
  • Instruction manual
  • Dutch Language
This erotic game is suitable for couples of 18 years and above. These can be new couples or partners who know each other inside out. Originally this game was developed for people with physical disabilities who are unable to enjoy a conventional sex life for various reasons. By stimulating each other with sexy assignments and open scenarios it’s possible to reach a climax together without performing traditional sexual acts. The underlying concept is to break down taboos and explore your personal sexual boundaries. It soon became apparent that the interest reached much further than people with a physical disability and that every couple would benefit from this erotic tool. Because this 'sex toy' contains an interesting gaming element it’s easier to push the boundaries and enjoy each other without losing yourself.
Intimista Vibe® Magical Sex Tower is just as fun and challenging for women as it is for men, making it a unique gift for every partner.

What is the Magical Sex Tower?

The Magical Sex Tower is an erotic game aimed at adults, suitable for two players. The box contains 54 wooden blocks, 6 playing cards and 2 special cards that will provide you with a total of 216 sensual assignments. Assignments are guiding but never coercive in nature.

What do we achieve with this game?

The purpose of the Magical Sex Tower is to add an erotic and challenging element to your relationship. This allows both players to explore sensual boundaries safely, without any form of coercion. Our aim is to stimulate couples in a positive and playful manner, to further deepen their sexual relationship.

Is this a gag gift?

The term ‘gag gift’ refers to presents that are primarily intended to be funny. For instance, a chocolate penis on a cake during a bachelor party. The Magical Sex Tower can indeed be very funny as a gift. It’s actually an exciting and thoughtful game in disguise that will stimulate all your senses! If by 'gag' you mean a type of ball for S&M sessions, we’ll leave that entirely up to your preference. At the very least, you don't need a ‘ball gag’ to play this game.

How is the Magical Sex Tower delivered?

We ship these products in a neutral packaging. There is no product name or logo visible on the box that the Magic Sex Tower will be delivered in. Discretion is our core value. Due to the size, this product does not fit through the letterbox. A delivery person will offer the package to the person who opens the door. Signing a proof of receipt is not required.

Can I order the game as a gift?

Upon ordering, it’s possible to enter an alternative delivery address. This allows you to send the Magical Sex Tower to someone else as a gift. Like friends, family, or a partner who you want to surprise with an unforgettable experience! We always ship this product in a neutral box, keep this in mind when choosing a recipient.

In which languages can I play the game?

The assignment cards are currently only available in Dutch. We are working on localization in other languages, at the moment the Magical Sex Tower is only suitable for a Dutch-speaking audience. If you are interested in another language, please let us know, and we will keep you informed.

Do we have to follow the rules?

We provide the players with a number of guidelines to make the game interesting and keep it fun. Would you like to give your own spin to the game? By all means, do it! Make your own rules for an intense, personal experience. The cards are meant to be directive, not coercive. Besides taboos, you can also break the rules!

Is it fun for men and women?

There are sex toys available that are specifically designed to provide sexual pleasure to either males or females. The Magical Sex Tower is a very balanced game that will challenge and excite each partner in equal ways. This ensures the game is just as fun to play for men as it is for women.

Is this game only for straight couples?

The Magic Sex Tower was originally conceived from a heterosexual perspective. Yet there are plenty of challenges and opportunities for gay couples, both male and female. Adjust the rules to your liking and choose your role in this erotic game for everyone over 18 years old. Do you have any suggestions for an alternative version?  Please let us know!

I have a disability. Can I play this game?

Yes, you can! The Magical Sex Tower has even been developed by disabled people who are unable to enjoy a conventional sex life. Sexuality is much more than physical stimuli, the assignments make no specific demands on physical or mental abilities. If you come across something that is impossible, you simply bend the rules to your abilities and preferences.

How do I keep the game clean?

Unlike other sexual aids, the Magical Sex Tower is not a product that is used during sexual acts. We advise to keep the blocks and cards clean, contact with items such as lubricants etc. can damage the parts. If necessary, use a cloth to keep your hands clean and dry.

What else can I do with the Magic Sex Tower?

The Magical Sex Tower has been developed as a toy for 18+ and should be treated as a sexual aid. The tower without instructions can in theory be used for all kinds of non-sexual activities, for hygienic reasons we do not recommend using the blocks for other purposes. There are three game elements with which you can vary. So you won't be finished playing with this game anytime soon … or with each other!

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