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Vigor Lifestyle: the lifestyle brand that embodies Power, Energy and Enterprise

At Vigorlifestyle you’ll find various products to make your life a bit more fun. Our core values are freedom, happiness, tranquility and health. These are important elements in life, and we are happy to contribute in a small way to these values. We accomplish this by developing products that answer a question, or solve a problem.


Vigor Lifestyle was founded in 2019 by Mike Wigink. Be sure to read the page about the history of our company. It provides context to the products we sell and gives you a little more insight into what we do and why we do it this way. Our range will continue to grow based on our ideas and your input. So feel free to let us know what you are looking for. Customer satisfaction starts with quality products that can enrich the lives of our customers.


You can order Vigor Lifestyle products through various channels including Bol.com, Amazon.de and our Vigor Lifestyle Shop. All products are delivered from our own inventory, spread over various logistics centres, to ensure you will always receive your order swiftly. All items are conceived and developed by our team, often in collaboration with both national and international partners. By collaborating with leading manufacturers, we can deliver high quality at competitive prices. Don't take it from us, just read the numerous positive reviews from our customers.

We offer a number of products, both using our own brand name and that of other brands. For all products, we remain very involved in the product development and manufacturing process. We offer a number of lifestyle products that will make your life a tad easier, more fun or simply beautiful. Our wellness products are directly related to a healthy lifestyle. For example, you can register your weight with our smart scales using a localized app. And our saturation meter is not only convenient to use, it also provides accurate results. In addition, we also offer several erotic items that will provide couples with a pleasurable experience. These products are exclusively developed by Vigor Lifestyle and sold through selected channels.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have questions about our product range, suggestions, or do you want to submit a complaint? Do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to consumers, we also want to hear from entrepreneurs who are searching for a reliable partner in lifestyle products. Vigor Lifestyle is located in the Netherlands, our products are sold in Europe and meet all the requirements and quality assurances that apply to each product. Be sure to read our general terms and conditions for further information and possibilities.

About Mike Vigor Lifestyle

Mike is not merely an entrepreneur. Ever since he was young, he was a driven individual. That drive has only grown stronger after a severe accident that caused him permanent brain damage.

'The product range that he offers is to fulfil a wish. Preferably a wish the customer doesn't even know they had. He could make it easy for himself by offering standard products and shipping these items from a generic factory somewhere in a remote corner of the world. You can certainly earn money that way, but he wants to make other people happy besides himself . There’s no need to start from scratch, though, as he prefers to develop products that feel familiar but are slightly different (and an improvement on) similar items. Our products always offer a high quality.'

Mike has a unique background and his products are all born from a personal need.