About Mike Vigor Lifestyle
About Mike Vigor Lifestyle

Due to a life-changing experience, Mike has developed his own lifestyle. The Vigor Lifestyle which means Powerful, Energetic and Enterprise.

How nice of you to be here. And for showing interest in the person behind Vigor Lifestyle. My story isn't exactly a dime a dozen, so sit down for a moment and relax ;)

As a young child I was fascinated by football, in itself not a special trait for a Dutch boy. It’s less common to be coaching on the field at the tender age of twelve. From an early age I seemed to have a knack for teaching, training and especially inspiring others. Football is a sport in which you are not only working on team building, you also have to pay attention to the individual. In addition to physical strain your mental state is also heavily taxed as a football player.

I would continue to develop my skills at CIOS in Heerenveen, eventually I would be employed for five years as a trainer for PEC Zwolle. I know I will upset some football fans here, but my most memorable experience was a win against Ajax … in Amsterdam! To experience this as a relatively young football coach with PEC Zwolle is very special. As a trainer and coach I felt completely in my element. To collaborate with football players, coaches, physiotherapists and doctors to achieve the best possible results. I could not have known then that I would spend a lot more time around medical professionals in the near future…

After a while I had to make some tough decisions; develop myself further in football or make a career switch? Although coaching was the greatest passion in my life, the lack of transparency and solidarity within professional sports started to clash with my personality. PEC Zwolle was the best learning experience I could have imagined, but this was not my final destination.

About Mike Vigor Lifestyle
My parents were already successful entrepreneurs in the logistic field. I joined the family business in a recycling venture. Creating something new from discarded products proved to be a wonderful challenge. Business was good, very good. Not in the least because I’m quite a competent salesperson, if I do say so myself. That was not my primary goal, however. I believe it’s wonderful that waste can be processed into raw materials for new products. In our case, it was paper. By collaborating with leading developers in China, we were able to scale up production exponentially. Soon we’d become a major market player in Europe in just a short time frame. But the higher you climb, the harder you fall, sometimes more literally than one would expect…

Due to my years of experience in professional sports, I developed a low blood pressure and a low heart rate. That’s quite common in this field. My enormous drive combined with many business trips would lead to my fate; I lost consciousness, fell over, head first on the floor. I turned pale like a sheet, unconscious, and the floor was red with blood when I woke up in the bathroom. I'll spare you the details, but in the end I had to learn to live with a body paralysed from the waist down and a brain that I can barely control. I had to relearn how to speak, write and above all learn to accept my new situation.

Despite my misfortune, this is not a sad story. Although it has been a turning point in my life. For the first time I had to learn what relaxation meant, this was not an option. I also had to accept that I could no longer continue my position within the family business. I had to make a switch, and my focus was on a new way of living. The most important aspect for me was independence. At 28 years old, from athlete to disabled person in a wheelchair. Still, it wasn't the wheelchair that bothered me the most, it was the dependence. From doctors, therapists, taxi drivers and many more care providers. I'm very grateful for the help I received, but I wanted to move on by myself.

During my rehabilitation, I had to perform exercises to train my memory. I like games like any other person, but I did feel like I was wasting my time with these exercises. I posed the question if I wouldn't be better off writing a business plan. This would help me think more clearly and work towards a goal; entrepreneurship. I wrote not merely one, but 4 business plans, but my limitations kept getting in the way. In addition, the way the system works with re-evaluation, benefits, and other administrative matters did not make the process any easier. Let’s face it, It was a bizarre situation;  starting a company after a near fatal fall. Still, I managed to register myself with the Chamber of Commerce within three-quarters of a year after ‘the great fall’. Now I was an entrepreneur in a wheelchair, but at least with wheels that rolled forward.

About Mike Vigor Lifestyle

I do not think in terms of limitations, but in possibilities. I found the solution in e-commerce, i.e., internet sales. Due to my brain damage, I can only focus my mind for a few hours a day. Therefore, opening a little shop in the city was not an option. A webshop with cool products was possible. Because of my experience as an entrepreneur and manager, I was able to slowly but surely set up a webshop and sell products this way. Of course, I needed an assortment or selection of products. In doing so, I chose freedom, happiness, rest, and health as core values. You can call it 'wellness' if you like, although I think the range extends further than that.

The product range has to fulfil a wish, preferably a wish the customer doesn't even know they have. I could make it easy on myself by offering standard products and drop-shipping these items from an unnamed factory somewhere in the far corner of the world. You can earn money with that, but I also want to make other people happy besides myself. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, however. That’s why I develop products that are recognizable, but slightly different from the rest, and always of superior quality.

About Vigor Lifestyle
Vigor lifestyle products
Right now I sell a variety of products that you can find in the webshop. For instance a smartphone holder for your bicycle with a built-in battery pack. Or a diffuser with soothing aroma therapy with a spare compartment for a plant. The most striking product line is my collection of erotic products. If reading about sexuality related products makes you feel uncomfortable, you might want to skip the next chapter. Still, I think it's important to share this information with you.

To be very concise; I had no feeling in my genitals after the accident. I have a very patient girlfriend who has a big heart, but as a man, I didn't feel good about this. Instead of giving up, we decided to find other ways to enjoy each other. That turned out to be quite a challenge because most sex toys and erotic games are not made for people in our situation or are completely focused on the experience of the male player. We wanted to devise something stimulating, challenging and simply 'fun'.

We started to develop an erotic board game with cards and numbered cubes. The cards feature challenges that range from pretty chaste to quite intimate and exciting. As a player, you determine the limits, both physically and mentally. To my great surprise, something inside me came to the surface. Something that I didn't know was still there. I was mentally stimulated, which I could feel throughout my body. I'm not going to claim that our game has the same effect as some spiritual healing session, but I never expected the impact this erotic game would have on my sexual feelings and our intimacy.

Magical sex tower Vigor Lifestyle

As it turns out, we weren't the only ones. The first test run of the Intimista Vibe® Magic Sex Tower was sold out in a blink of the eye. The next edition as well, and the one after that. It wouldn't be long before we were selling the best-selling sex game in the Benelux. The reviews were also very positive. This game is not made exclusively for people with disabilities, just for couples who are looking for something new. Both young and older couples enjoy using the game. It’s a tool to break the monotony. Each player can determine their own boundaries. This provides confidence and security, which can help to remove inhibitions.

It may sound strange, but Intimista Vibe® Magic Sex Tower is perhaps the product I am most proud of so far. The idea that a concept that is so personal and so intimate to me and my partner turns out to be so well appreciated by customers gives me a great feeling!

About Mike Vigor Lifestyle
About Mike Vigor Lifestyle

If you've made it to the end of this page, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to have inspired you and that you will enjoy the Vigor Lifestyle product range.

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Do you have a suggestion, is there a product you can't find anywhere? Please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always looking for new challenges!