Vigor lifestyle
Vigor lifestyle

Vigor Lifestyle literally means strength, energy and enterprise. These are core values that many people share.  However, how you identify with these values is very personal. Here at Vigor Lifestyle we don’t determine what you might  like or enjoy, but we do offer you the tools to work on your own personal ‘Vigor Lifestyle’. By using products that are useful, you can enrich your lifestyle in many little ways.

Experience the Vigor Lifestyle

“Savour every moment” sounds like cliché until something happens that completely turns your life upside down: A new love in your life or a farewell to a person who was dear to you. Love, happiness, anger or sadness; all emotions are equally valid. It’s how you deal with those experiences that expresses your true personality. Do you give up, or do you dust yourself off and try again?

In addition to the people around you who provide support, the tiniest things can make all the difference. Sometimes it’s even a product you order in a webshop. By clicking the 'buy now’ button, it releases dopamine in the brain. This provides you with a euphoric feeling, just because you purchased a product! A day or so later, you will feel that kick once again, when the package is delivered to your door. And again you experience that wonderful feeling when you unpack your new purchase. And then what happens next? That's where the Vigor Lifestyle begins!

The design of the paper clip dates back to 1892. Before that, loose sheets of paper were held together using pins that would mercilessly pierce through the paper. Despite the success, “Gem”, the first manufacturer of this famous design, would receive dozens of letters every week with suggestions for improvements. You can damage the paper with a sharp paper clip, use too many sheets and the whole bundle will drop. Apparently it could have been even better.

Vigor Lifestyle is a brand with an eye for smart solutions and improvements to make life just a bit better. A diffuser that also serves as a flower pot, for instance. Or a mobile phone holder for your bicycle with a built-in battery pack. You can also buy a digital scale in our store that comes with an app that is constantly improved to register and analyse your bodily functions with even more accuracy. Evolution is often better than revolution. What you choose to do with these tools is your decision, your choice and your responsibility. Build your own lifestyle with a little help from Vigor Lifestyle.

Famous brands are very good at conjuring up catchy slogans and inspiring marketing campaigns. We can only imagine your eyebrows frowning when you read this page. Good, because at Vigor Lifestyle we welcome critical voices, contradictory opinions or a headstrong attitude. Read the About Us page to discover who we are, what we do and especially why we do it. This is our way to transfer our Vigor Lifestyle to all our customers. Join the (r)evolution!

Vigor lifestyle products
Vigor lifestyle products
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Don Moorman
About Mike Vigor Lifestyle

Mike is not merely an entrepreneur. Ever since he was young, he was a driven individual. That drive has only grown stronger after a severe accident that caused him permanent brain damage.

'The product range that Mike offers is to fulfil a wish. Preferably a wish the customer doesn't even know they had. He could make it easy for himself by offering standard products and shipping these items from a generic factory somewhere in a remote corner of the world. You can certainly earn money that way, but he wants to make other people happy besides himself. There’s no need to start from scratch, though, as he prefers to develop products that feel familiar but are slightly different (and an improvement) from similar items. Our products always offer a high (or superior) quality.'

Mike has a unique background and his products are all born from a personal need.

Don’t hesitate and contact us!